"Beyond 5-stars! Chris helped us make a commercial for our company and turned what was an intimidating event for myself and my team into an easy and relaxed process... he was able to somehow channel his inner-Scorsese and produce a perfect video for our company! Our whole team is ecstatic with the results and we have already received a number of compliments from clients and even prospects. Will definitely be using again for future video work!"


Chris P, Post Modern Marketing




"Chris was awesome what a great edit. thanks Chris!


Stephen C, Clarks Snow Sports




"I love our video and Chris is so much fun and professional to work with. I would recommend him over and over again. Thank you."


Delora M, Pinot's Palette




"Hey, Chris is a great guy and an awesome film maker. His creativity, experience, and tactful interaction with the client has made it a pleasurable experience."


Ben B, Pizza Bene



"I appreciated that the filmmaker also acted as a director. Under his direction the video shoot went smoothly and timely."


Darrel R, Law Offices of Darrel C Rumley




"I have never done a "shoot" before and Chris made the process totally painless. He was very helpful in getting the finished product done right. Very professional..."


David T, Impressive Exteriors




"Chris captured what we believe to be the true essence of our practice. We were all so impressed with his ability to ask the right questions and have us respond in a natural and genuine manner. We were all so pleased with the end result!"


Teresa H, Waikiki Dental



"Chris was awesome. He made everyone feel at ease, and did an amazing job editing the promo and creating an inviting feel to my project. Well done!"


Kenneth G, Sac. Non Smoking Center



"Chris is a great director with great ideas. He is a good interviewer who is skilled at drawing out the thoughts and ideals of the person he's filming. I highly recommend him!"


Jim N




"Working with Chris was great. He was professional and made the shoot an enjoyable experience."


Taryn S, Eric Ratinoff Law Corp




"During the filming I was wondering how this would all come together. After seeing the product I am very pleased with the out come. Chris Stola is our producer and did a great job. He knew what to do to get the best out of us. "


Jerry F, Fratcher Auto Body




"Chris did a great job coming prepared and punctual. He was friendly and put everyone at ease. The editor made all of the correct changes promptly and gave us plenty of time to review. The video looks wonderful professional. I highly recommend them."


Michael D, Sunshine Flyers




"We had a great time making this video. Chris made made it so easy it was great. He is a real Pro."


Nick T, Sac's Garage Door Repair