1. The promo shoot will take approximately 3 hours. 
2. Location Lighting & Audio Kits are employed.
3. Interview location should be as quiet as possible.  Some background noise is acceptable but loud machinery or other distractions should be avoided. 
4. Do not wear stripes, checks or fine patterns.  They might moiré, or appear to be vibrating on the screen.  White is ok, but solid colors and pastels are always better. Wearing your usual work attire is recommended.
5. Testimonials by clients, customers or employees are always a good addition to any spot.  They add believability and keep interest going. 
6. Do NOT memorize a script.  An “interview style” spot is more believable and friendlier. 
7. Review the interview questions as a guideline only.  The tone of the spot is best if conversational. 
8. Relax, it’s actually a fun process.